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About Us

Dynamic Safety is committed to provide the right solutions, at the right times, delivered the right way.

Dynamic Safety Incorporated is located in Costa Mesa, California, and serves clients throughout North America and Internationally.

David Natalizia is the founder and Principal of Dynamic Safety. His 20 years of industry experience have given him a background in operations, support, human resources, and safety roles. He has developed and implemented safety programs for theme parks, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, transportation and retail operations.

David has developed slip and fall prevention programs for major foodservice operators, theme parks, and hotels, has provided courtroom testimony related to slip and fall cases, and is certified in slip resistance measurement (CXLT). David’s articles have been published in the American Society of Safety Engineers “Compass” publication, as well as in the “Proceedings” of the American Society of Safety Engineers Annual Conference and Exposition.

David has presented sessions at the American Society of Safety Engineers Annual Professional Development Conference and Exposition, the premier national gathering of safety professionals in the United States.

David was educated at California State University, Long Beach, and Azusa Pacific University. He holds certificates from the State of California in Motion Picture Safety and Pyrotechnics safety.

David is an active member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Serving as Co-Chair of the Hospitality Branch of the Management Practice Specialty and as a member of the Consultants’ practice specialty. David serves as secretary of committee F13.10 on traction in the American Society of Testing and Materials committee F13, Pedestrian/Walkway safety and footwear. David is also a member of the International Association of Food Protection and Southern California Association of Food Protection.


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