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Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common causes of injury in and out of the workplace. The statistics are compelling regarding the value of preventing these injuries. Dynamic Safety offers comprehensive, expert approaches to identify and reduce slip, trip and fall risks.

Some popular approaches to slip, trip, and fall reduction are focused on single-factor solutions. Though it is possible that changing one factor may make a great deal of difference and warrant focused attention, the other factors should not be ignored.  We can look at your situation and arrive at the best overall approach.

We are highly skilled in the evaluation of walking surfaces, the measurement of slip resistance, and the investigation of slip, trip, and fall cases.  We can help you with flooring material selection, cleaning protocol, shoe programs, and workforce training in slip and fall prevention.

We have special programs for certain applications:

Restaurant slip, trip, and fall prevention – We address both front-of-house and kitchen areas, and take the various activities, surfaces, and demands of the restaurant environment into account. Don’t accept slips and falls as part of the territory in a restaurant – they can be prevented, and we can show you how!

Municipality slip, trip, and fall prevention – Many cities and towns face an ongoing issue with slips and trips on public sidewalks, stairways, and other walkways. We help you get a handle on issues with settling and cracking walkways, marking, temporary repairs, and long-term prevention planning. Prevention is the first goal, but these same approaches put a municipality in a much better situation after a claim is filed against them when it comes to deciding the merits of a particular case and whether to contest or settle.



We can help prevent slips, trips, and falls in all sorts of environments:

Food Production



Hotels, Motels, Lodging

Cruise Ships


Play Areas

Construction Sites


Pool Areas

Public buildings

Sports facilities

Health Care Facilities

Nursing Homes

Assisted Living Facilities


Parks and Recreation Facilities

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