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Accident Prevention Systems

We offer several customized approaches to workplace accident prevention, incorporating proven methods and the latest approaches to occupational safety. These approaches address the root causes of workplace accidents, and help you integrate safe performance into your business.

Develop a Safety Culture at your workplace

We can help you go beyond a mere safety program and achieve a safety culture that is part of the fabric of your organization. We have specific products and approaches that can help you achieve this goal.

“Beyond Awareness” – Is a way for your workforce and management team to learn solid accident prevention principles and see how they apply in their own setting. We customize the Beyond Awareness program for your needs, including seminar, workshop, and field coaching segments

“The TAP System” - Is Targeted Accident Prevention, a comprehensive system to equip your workforce to identify the key risks they face, and understand prevention approaches.

“Safety Pinpoints” - Are a component of The TAP System that has benefits so great for so many organizations, that we now offer it as a stand-alone module featuring great usability either as an independent effort, as support for a behavior-based implementation ongoing or in development.

Self-assessment  - We can tailor self assessment tools for your workplace, to allow your internal staff to take a greater role in managing occupational safety and arriving at solutions.

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